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Vere Everlasting Hairband

The resilient, multi-functional hairband and bracelet that carries you from work to play to everything in between.
One Year Warranty guaranteed.

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Not Your Average Accessory.
The Vere Everlasting Hairband is meant to endure the wear and tear of your everyday life, all while maintaining your sleek and glossy style.

Shrinks back to size with heat.
Handles over 30 pounds of pressure.
A hairband for all hair. A bracelet for all tastes.


Vere One Year Warranty

Vere guarantees the durability and function of our hairbands for one year from your purchase date. Questions or feedback? Email us at

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Vere Prism Collection

Made with the same antimicrobial, eco-conscious material as our Everlasting Hairband, the Prism Collection features cosmetic cases & handbags in a translucent, iridescent shade, and merges style, durability, and health- consciousness.