One Year Warranty

Vere Everlasting Hairband

We designed the Vere hairband to be resilient, long-lasting, and fulfill both style and substance. Our mission is to move away from waste, and the belief that hair bands are meant to be disposable.

We strongly believe in the durability of our product. However you wish to wear your band, whether in your hair or on your wrist, we provide replacement bands due to defects up to one year from the receipt date.


Please email the following to

- Image of defective product
- Description of defect
- Proof of purchase: your order number & email used to purchase via our website, or retailer receipt used during original purchase. If proof of purchase is unavailable, please provide details for date of purchase and location of purchase.

We  will contact you via email about the status of your request within 1-3 business days.

If accepted, we will ship your replacement. Vere will cover the cost of shipping and handling.


Our warranty covers genuine Vere hair bands purchased on our Vere website or through one of our retailers.

We cover damage caused by manufacture defect one year from purchase date.

Should the exact replacement product be unavailable, Vere will provide similar product in style or color of same value.

Regardless of how many times the band has been used, Vere will cover up to one year from purchase date.


- Damage from abnormal use
- Lost or stolen product
- Negligence
- Abused product